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A Plus Transmission Specialists does not generally recommend that you flush your transmission for several reasons. First, transmission flush equipment can often subject your transmission to pressures it is not designed to withstand. This can often lead to seal failure, stuck valves, and component damage. Also, most transmission flush services do not allow for the removal of the transmission pan, and the replacement of the filter. These are the most important steps in servicing your transmission as a matter of preventative maintenance. 

A Plus Transmission Specialists recommends a traditional fluid change service, which removes about one third of the existing fluid, and includes cleaning the pan and servicing or replacing the transmission filter. If this is done about once a year, you have done everything possible to properly maintain your transmission. Our A Plus Transmission Specialists preventative maintenance service also includes a road test and adjustment check, which is almost always overlooked by shops performing transmission flush services. Click here for a coupon!

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