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Manual Transmission Service

Are you an owner of a vehicle with a stick-shift transmission and looking for a manual transmission service company that you can trust? Turn to A Plus Transmission Specialists, the full-service manual transmission service center with locations in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Round Rock, and other cities across Texas. Keep your vehicle’s transmission in A Plus running condition with manual transmission service by A Plus Transmission Specialists.

Full Service for All Manual Transmissions

If you need expert transmission diagnostics, maintenance, repairs or rebuilding, you have turned to the right place at A Plus Transmission Specialists. See your owner’s manual for details on how often you need to have your manual transmission serviced. And, if you detect any problems with your manual transmission, stop by one of your service centers to have it checked out by our manual transmission experts. It is important to know that you can reduce the probability of needing more expensive repairs buy servicing your transmission on a regular basis. Established in 1983, we have helped thousands of vehicle owners maintain smooth operation and performance of the manual transmission in their cars, pickup trucks and SUVs.

Typical Issues with Manual Transmissions

There are many common problems associated with manual transmissions. Our team of certified transmission technicians can spot the symptoms of a manual transmission problem, positively identify the cause and fix them with expert care. Here are some common issues vehicle owners experience with manual transmissions:

  • Difficulty shifting. Gears may seen to stick when you attempt to upshift or downshift.
  • Grinding noises. Moving metal components of the transmission grind against each other making the unmistakeable grinding sound.
  • Leaking fluid. This can be caused by bad gaskets and seals, broken case or loose hardware.
  • Slipping gears or popping into neutral. Shift linkages may be damaged or worn down.
  • Sticky clutch. This happens when the clutch plate cannot disengage from the flywheel as it should.
  • Unusual sounds. This can be one or more noises, including banging, clanking, thumping or whirring caused by low fluid levels, worn-out components, bad gear teeth, contaminated fluid and other problems.

Call or visit us to find out the options you have for extraordinary service for your manual transmission and what you need to know to make a knowledgeable decision to have your transmission restored to working right again. We will help you find a great solution for your manual transmission service needs. We offer complete services for automotive transmissions for vehicles of all makes, models and years. From passenger cars to pickup trucks to SUVs, we take care of them all. We are the complete manual transmission providers:

  • Manual transmission diagnostics
  • Manual transmission fluid change
  • Manual transmission repair
  • Manual transmission replacement
  • Manual transmission servicing

Manual Transmission Service | Contact Us Today

Our certified transmission technicians are available to answer any questions you have about the operation and maintenance of the manual transmission in your vehicle. Call the manual transmission service experts at A Plus Transmission Specialists, Houston, today.

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