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Invest in Yourself!!!

A Plus Transmission Specialists is a Houston, Texas based company that has been assisting people that have decided to “invest in themselves,” since 1987. Our franchise program has been designed to assist individuals interested in the automotive transmission and driveline repair industry with a comprehensive system that has proven to be both successful and repeatable over the last 22+ years that we have offered our services.

Why Buy a Franchise?

Franchising offers the prospective investor a system that has been developed through experience, trial and error, and collective development, that would often take an individual many years and tremendous capital to duplicate. Also, the collective branding strength of multiple franchisees operating under a common name allows for marketing on a scale that would be unavailable to an individual operator. These are all advantages that can be utilized by the individual franchise owner in operating a business in almost any industry.

A Plus Transmission Specialists Franchise Information

Training & Site Selection

Location Location Location

Knowledge of the marketplace is a key factor in choosing the right location for an A Plus Transmission Specialists center. Over the last three decades, A Plus Transmission Specialists have developed specific parameters that are necessary in selecting locations that are a fit for both franchisor and franchisee.

 Local Population
 Median Family Income
 Number of Registered Vehicles
 Proper Sign Exposure
Access to Commercial Business

As the franchisor, A Plus Transmission Specialists will work in concert with the franchisee to comprehensively assist in finding a suitable location, and help in securing an appropriate lease. This ensures that the lease is fair, and that building style, parking, and signage are all acceptable.

Once a location has been selected, A Plus Transmission Specialists will work to make sure that the building and its facilities are properly configured so that the franchisee is in position to efficiently handle both short term and long run volume. This includes assistance in initial site selection, construction and improvements, installation of proper signage, and final grand opening make ready.

Marketing Support

Marketing Strategies That Build Business

A Plus Transmission Specialists supports a variety of marketing packages and strategies that are designed to provide the franchise owner with products that are custom tailored to the local market. With franchise headquarters in both Houston and the Texas Hill Country, A Plus Transmission Specialists has an intimate understanding of the Texas neighborhoods we serve and how to specifically market our services to these communities. The dynamic nature of advertising in the face of ever changing technology requires marketing support with an understanding of how to leverage these products in a way that is cost effective and compels our local customers to visit their neighborhood A Plus Transmission Specialists center when they perceive the need for our services.

In today’s competitive advertising market, the A Plus Transmission Specialists Franchisee requires a partner that is entrenched in the local communities we serve. The A Plus Transmission Specialists marketing program stands ready to support this partnership through a multitude of proven and cost-effective marketing tools designed to grow the A Plus Transmission Specialists brand in your local community the moment the center is open for business.

Operations Support

The A Plus Transmission Specialists franchise system offers ongoing operational support that is second to none. With headquarters in Houston and Austin, A Plus Transmission Specialists operations personnel are on the ground and available for assistance at a moment’s notice. This support includes systems analysis, cost controls maintenance, inside and outside sales support, ongoing training, and much more. A Plus Transmission Specialists believes that a franchisee/franchisor partnership is an ongoing relationship, and its operations program provides the foundation necessary in the building of long-term success. With a proven track record across multiple markets and three decades, a prospective A Plus Transmission Specialists franchisee can be sure that operations support will be direct, relevant, and available starting the very moment they join the system.


Full service operational support available at a moment’s notice.
 Hands on systems development, monitoring, and maintenance to quickly respond to market needs.
 Ongoing operational training, both on site and in the classroom.
 Data analysis support to provide answers to relevant statistical deviations.
 Training and Operations manuals and materials to support all aspects of the A Plus Transmission Specialists franchise system.

About A Plus Transmission

It is no secret that Americans have had a long, storied, and ever-evolving love affair with the automobile. Love struck long ago, the principals of A Plus Transmission Specialists have spent decades personally nurturing this affair starting in the 1950s during the early days of hot rodding.

When drag racing came along in the late 50s and 60s its allure was irresistible and we fell hard, campaigning a multitude of cars from the 60s all the way up to the early 2000’s.

Our A Plus Transmission Specialists top alcohol dragster was one of the first small-block Chevrolet-powered cars to break the 6 second barrier in the quarter mile, and one of the first to exceed 230 mph.

Off of the race track, we have built numerous street cars: From air cooled VWs to muscle cars, high tech late models to flathead-powered vintage Fords we love them all! This passion for the automobile is the inspiration behind our business model and our franchise systems. It is the reason that we strive to provide the best quality transmission repair services in the world, and to assist and support others that would like to do the same, no experience required!


As transmission shop operators for over 30+ years in Houston Texas, the principals of A Plus Transmission Specialists have vast, real-world experience in the operation of a transmission shop which has been invaluable in the relationships we have forged with our franchise owners. This experience has also allowed us to identify and develop fundamental systems that nurture the common goals of both franchisee and franchisor in the face of a very technical and dynamic industry.

While we maintain many defined systems, we are also open to ideas that come from our operators and some of our best solutions have come from our franchisees and are now standard procedure. We think that this symbiotic relationship is our greatest strength, and is truly the engine that powers A PlusTransmission Specialists both in the retail market and in our growth as a franchisor.

Auto After Market

It is a fact that people are keeping their cars longer than ever before. According to the US Bureau of Transportation, the average age of passenger vehicles in operation in the United States has steadily risen over the last couple of decades, from 8.4 years in 1995 to 11.4 years in 2014,* and continues to increase year after year. Recently, people have been faced with an economic climate that has made the prospect of purchasing a new vehicle every couple of years very unfavorable, if not impossible. Statistics prove that people are increasingly repairing their cars as opposed to buying new vehicles at the first sign of significant repair concerns. As a result of this, the automotive repair industry continues to see rising demand for quality services, even during tough economic times.

The automotive aftermarket is comprised of many segments, each answering a specific consumer need. You can find specialists in exhaust systems, brakes, body work and painting… and, of course, transmissions. While each segment serves its specific sub-markets, the thoughtful entrepreneur will want to examine the strengths and weaknesses of the sub-markets themselves.

Transmission repair is often not deferrable, which makes it a year-round, recession-resistant business. When a car’s transmission fails, it fails, and until it is repaired, the car is of no use to anyone. Unlike many other segments in the automotive service industry, the consumer must make an immediate decision in resolving transmission repair issues.

The urgency of transmission problems makes for a business that is resistant to economic fluctuation, and often, prospers during hard times when people can’t simply buy a new car. Also, because transmission problems often come in the icy dead of winter, the sweltering heat of summer, and just about every time in between, there is a steady, year-round flow of customers.


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