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Transmission FAQs

How often should I service my transmission?

Generally, you should service your automatic transmission once a year, or every 20,000 miles. This simple rule of thumb will help extend the life of your transmission. Time for a transmission service? Click here for a transmission fluid change coupon!!!

What does an A Plus Transmission Specialists Preventative Maintenance/Fluid Change Service Consist of?

As transmission specialists, A Plus Transmission Specialists does a lot more than simply change your transmission fluid. We do a complete road test, to make sure all of your adjustments are correct. If it needs an adjustment, we will make it for you at no additional charge. We do a thorough lift inspection, again checking all of the vehicles available adjustments. We remove the transmission pan, clean it, and replace the gasket. We service or replace the filter/ screen (depending on the vehicle)*. Finally, we refill the transmission with the correct specification transmission fluid.

I think I may be having a transmission problem. What should I do?

There are a variety of things that can cause what seem like transmission problems. Given the nature of today’s complex electronic control systems, properly diagnosing drive ability concerns is the first step in addressing a perceived problem. A Plus Transmission Specialists now offers a FREE 22-point diagnostic and electronic scan service to determine the cause of the customers concern, and the best strategy in correcting it. In many cases, what seem like major problems can be simply corrected. In fact, 7 out of every 10 cars A Plus Transmission Specialists diagnose do NOT result in a major transmission repair! If you think you may be experiencing problems, call your local A Plus Transmission Specialists location and schedule a FREE 22-point diagnostic service today.

How long has A Plus Transmission Specialists been in business?

A Plus Transmission Specialists has been your neighborhood transmission and repair specialists since 1983! You can count on us to do the job!

Does A Plus Transmission Specialists perform transmission flush services?

A Plus Transmission Specialists does not generally recommend that you flush your transmission for several reasons. First, transmission flush equipment can often subject your transmission to pressures it is not designed to withstand. This can often lead to seal failure, stuck valves, and component damage. Also, most transmission flush services do not allow for the removal of the transmission pan, and the replacement of the filter. This is the most important step in servicing your transmission as a matter of preventative maintenance.

A Plus Transmission Specialists recommends a traditional fluid change service, which removes about one third of the existing fluid, and includes cleaning the pan and servicing or replacing the transmission filter. If this is done about once a year, you have done everything possible to properly maintain your transmission. Click here for a coupon!

*Call your local A Plus Transmission Specialists center for details

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