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Transmission Fluid Change

Transmission Fluid Change In Houston and Surrounding Areas

Having a professional transmission fluid change service completed on your vehicle could mean the difference between a poorly operating vehicle and one that is primed, dependable and ready to roll. Protect the life of your vehicle with a professional transmission fluid change at your local A Plus Transmission Specialists. Transmission fluid keeps the critical transmission components of your vehicle lubricated and operating smoothly and safely. A proper level and quality of transmission fluid also will keep the transmission from slipping and operating irregularly. 


Preventative Maintenance and Fluid Change Service

A Plus Transmission Specialists, established in 1983, is the leader in transmission fluid change and replacement in Houston, Austin and San Antonio, Texas. We offer a complete preventative maintenance and transmission fluid change service, including a road test, lift inspection, adjustment service, plus a transmission fluid and filter change. Avoid big transmission problems by scheduling a fluid change service now. 

Transmission Fluid Check Up

Are you anxious your vehicle’s transmission fluid level is low, old and needs to be replaced? Don’t worry. Bring your vehicle to A Plus Transmission Specialists for a transmission fluid level and condition inspection as part of our famous, free 22-Point Performance Analysis. If you notice transmission fluid puddling or staining your driveway or garage floor, it is time to check to see if you have a transmission fluid leak. You can avoid big transmission problems with preventative maintenance by replacing your vehicle’s transmission fluid. Overused transmission fluid builds up dirt and grime, potentially damaging parts of your vehicle’s transmission system. Renew your transmission by replacing old transmission fluid with new fluid to return your vehicle to top performance. 

Fluid for automatic transmissions is typically dark red in color, and should be replaced 25,000-30,000 miles for optimal performance. Not enough transmission fluid can make your transmission begin to hesitate, slip and stick, creating unsafe driving performance. 

Contact Us Today for Transmission Fluid Replacement

Your vehicle may need a transmission fluid change now. Find out today by having the transmission pros check it at your local A Plus Transmission Specialists. Drive your car, truck of van in now for our famous, free 22-point Performance Analysis, which includes a thorough diagnostic check and a fluid condition inspection. Take care of your transmission now. Call the transmission fluid change experts at A Plus Transmission Specialists!

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