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It is no secret that Americans have had a long, storied, and ever-evolving love affair with the automobile. Love struck long ago, the principals of A Plus Transmission Specialists have spent decades personally nurturing this affair starting in the 1950s during the early days of hot rodding.

When drag racing came along in the late 50s and 60s its allure was irresistible and we fell hard, campaigning a multitude of cars from the 60s all the way up to the early 2000’s.

Our A Plus Transmission Specialists top alcohol dragster was one of the first small-block Chevrolet-powered cars to break the 6 second barrier in the quarter mile, and one of the first to exceed 230 mph.

Off of the race track, we have built numerous street cars: From air cooled VWs to muscle cars, high tech late models to flathead-powered vintage Fords we love them all! This passion for the automobile is the inspiration behind our business model and our franchise systems. It is the reason that we strive to provide the best quality transmission repair services in the world, and to assist and support others that would like to do the same, no experience required!


As transmission shop operators for over 30+ years in Houston Texas, the principals of A Plus Transmission Specialists have vast, real-world experience in the operation of a transmission shop which has been invaluable in the relationships we have forged with our franchise owners. This experience has also allowed us to identify and develop fundamental systems that nurture the common goals of both franchisee and franchisor in the face of a very technical and dynamic industry.

While we maintain many defined systems, we are also open to ideas that come from our operators and some of our best solutions have come from our franchisees and are now standard procedure. We think that this symbiotic relationship is our greatest strength, and is truly the engine that powers A PlusTransmission Specialists both in the retail market and in our growth as a franchisor.

A Plus Transmission Specialists is ready to take care of all your Transmission Repair & Transmission Service Needs!

Find more information on our many transmission repair service centers throughout Texas. A Plus Transmission Specialists has locations in Houston, Austin and San Antonio. Select the button below to find the A Plus Transmission Specialists location best for you. 

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