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$ave your Transmission Now

Beat the Heat and $ave Your Transmission Now!

Beat the Heat and $ave Your Transmission Now!

Your transmission lives in a hostile environment! With summer and its soaring temperatures fast approaching, now is the time to minimize excessive wear to your transmission by scheduling a complete A Plus Transmission Specialists Preventative Maintenance and Fluid Change Service. This service includes a complete road test and adjustment check, lift inspection, filter replacement, new pan gasket, and fluid refill. Keeping your transmission properly maintained will help ensure your transmission is operating properly, can increase fuel economy, and will prolong its overall service life.

A Plus Transmission Specialists is your Texas neighborhood leader in comprehensive transmission maintenance services, and is ready to prepare your vehicle for all of your summer driving needs. Please visit our transmission Coupons page for valuable special offers, and then use our convenient online scheduler to book your preventative maintenance and fluid change service today!

Summer transmission preventative maintenance coupon - $19.95

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