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Transmission Fluid Flush

A transmission fluid flush is a crucial part of vehicle maintenance to keep your transmission running smoothly. Automatic transmission fluid is a critical lubricant that allows your vehicle to operate properly, but the effectiveness of additives designed to clean up and cool off your transmission decline over time. While adding fluid and a new filter can help temporarily, the time will come when a transmission fluid flush becomes necessary. Have an experienced technician at A Plus Transmission Specialists, Austin and Round Rock, Texas, check your vehicle to determine whether it needs a transmission fluid flush. Visit the professionals who focus on transmission restoration as our core discipline. A Plus Transmission Specialists are the transmission service and repair experts since 1983, with 18 locations in Texas, including Austin and Round Rock.  

Full-Service Repair and Fluid Flush Service for Transmissions

A Plus Transmission Specialists services all make, models and years of vehicles, whether they are foreign or domestic or with automatic or standard transmission. With locations in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Round Rock and across Texas, A Plus Transmission Specialists provides full-service transmission service, repair and installation, including transmission fluid flush services. Staying on top of transmission maintanece can go a long way in keeping your vehicle running smoothly for a long time. Many transmission issues begin as minor problems and worsen if they are neglected. Call us today to check your transmission and fluid levels and condition.

The A Plus Difference in Transmission Repair and Fluid Flush Service

At A Plus Transmission, we are the dependable professionals you can count on for complete transmission services. We are proud to be an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau, earning an A+ rating with BBB, which ensures fair and honest work. And we are members of the Automative Transmission Rebuilders Association, following the ATRA code of ethics, standards for excellence in honest professional transmission service. See our top-rated reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp and the Yellow Pages.

How often should vehicle owners complete a transmission fluid flush and filter change? Typically transmission fluid and filter replacement is done 30,000 to 50,000 miles, but sometimes a complete transmission fluid flush and filter change is needed. A transmission expert at A Plus Transmission Specialists can inspect and determine if there are underlying transmission problems to warrant a transmission fluid flush. Some of these issue are slipping of gears, troubles with shifting, noises or grinding of transmission gears, transmission hesitation and surging or other transmission problems.

Check Up and Fluid Flush Service for Transmissions

If you notice problems with your transmission, use our free 22-Point Performance Analysis, including a full diagnostic service and computer scan, road test, lift inspection, adjustment check, fluid level and condition check and pan inspection.

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Contact the transmission fluid flush and repair experts in Austin and Round Rock, Texas—A Plus Transmission Specialists or stop by to have your transmission checked out today.


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